About T.

  • Because I am a journalist, I take storytelling seriously. Everything on my site is true — or least it’s honestly the way I remember it. My partners in crime are commenting on the posts. I take their nods as accuracy checks.
  • I started working in journalism at 20, while studying to become a linguist. When I finally achieved my linguistic credentials, I found there was nothing to do but teach linguistics. Yuck. Good thing I had a job at the paper.
  • I speak Spanish, German and French, but my main areas of expertise are grammar and language acquisition.
  • I’m a mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter, niece and cousin every day.
  • I sing, play the piano, read, paint, cook and sew. For a miscreant I’m surprisingly domestic.
  • I’ve written several children’s books over the past 16 years, and am just now working toward getting the first one published.
  • I have so many hobbies, people often say to me, “Is there anything you don’t do?” So I chose three things to not do, guilt free: I do not garden, hem clothes or make coffee.
  • I grew up in Southern California, left and came back.
  • Jon Stewart and Matt Dillon are my hall passes.

Let me know you were here! tonimom@earthlink.net

2 Responses to “About T.”

  1. JeremyA Says:

    You can speak German!
    After traveling to Germany, my Mom said that I can go back if I learn German, Spanish, and ace English in high school.

    I usually get A’s in all of my classes (few exceptions; A-/B+ is rare), so that’s taken care of.
    I speak Spanish to my Mom, and I only need to work on grammar (verbs / other), spelling, and writing.
    All of my Spanish problems could solved in my Spanish I & II classes at REV.

    The only problem is German.
    I got a German dictionary, but that’s like reading an English dictionary A-Z.
    I also have a sing-a-long German CD, but I think I need to learn more than just colors.
    Is it possible 4 any help?

    If so, Danke.
    If not, thanks anyway.
    – Jeremy Alexander

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