The spider story

My son has always been a sensitive little thing.

When he was 5, he helped me paint his room before we moved into our first house in California.

We stood side by side on his desk while we readied the window up high. I reached into the corner with my brush and cleared out a spiderweb.

“Oh, Mama!” He pointed to a spider on the wall. “He just watched you destroy his home!”

So I picked up the newspaper, rolled it and smashed the homeless spider.

“There. Now he’s not sad anymore.”

Are you all glad I’m not your mother?

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9 Responses to “The spider story”

  1. Jeremy A. Says:

    I can also be (somewhat) too sensitive.

    In that circumstance I would have rolled up a newspaper, have let the spider land safely on it, brought the newspaper outside, and have let the spider roam free.

    ….Unless if its a black-widow spider. Then I would have smashed it with a newspaper (or shoe) and made sure it was dead.

    All spiders are friendly and safe, except black widow spiders.
    (That’s as far as I know about them. If someone gives me facts about spiders, that may convince my idea about them and persuade my actions the next time I see another spider.)

  2. T. Says:

    I have a spider fun fact, which I have never verified but choose to believe.

    The most venomous spider in the world is the Daddy Long Legs — harmless to humans because its little teeth are too small.

  3. Julia Says:

    Your son scolded me once for smashing a bug once at school.

    Then again, I only smashed it because he was running from it yelling “No! Get away, bug!”
    Apparently I get no thanks for helping him.

  4. Julia Says:

    Oh, and spider fun fact:

    You eat at least 7 spiders in your sleep a year.
    You might wanna sleep with your mouth shut from now on.

  5. Will Says:

    0) Daddy Long-Legs are by far not the most dangerous spider, as verified by Mythbusters.
    1) There are also two “varieties” of the Daddy Long Legs, one is a relative of the spiders, known as a Harvestman, and an actual spider, apparently from Australia.
    2) I crush any nearby spiders, arachnids can still thrive without me picking off the occasional spider.
    3) Spiders spin new webs every day, and abandon old ones. Unless that spider was on the web, it probably wasn’t living there any more.
    4) Funny xkcd today!

  6. roberto Says:

    When I posted a link on Facebook to an article about the intelligence of pigs and expressed an interest in getting a pet pot bellied pig, you went on at length about how if you had a little pet pig, you would eat him one limb at a time until he was nothing but a little stump of squealing flesh.

  7. T. Says:

    rob, surely you are making this up. i am a compassionate sister to all living creatures.

  8. roberto Says:

    May I still comment on these old reposts?

  9. T. Says:

    of course!

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