Some kind of funny guy

This weekend I was hired to deal a satellite game for the upcoming World Series of Poker. This is an annual tournament held at the house of one of the guys in my poker league — a former bureau editor I worked with.

The first year John held this, he was the winner. He represented our league at the WSOP, and got knocked out by Phil Ivey.

John’s house is decorated in signed posters and other memorabilia from old movies.

Years ago I was chatting with him in line for the bathroom — which has Bates Motel towels and a sillhouette of a stabber with a bun on the shower curtain.

I asked him how long he’d been married.

He said, “Eight years, four months and three weeks, and I haven’t regretted a day of it.”

How sweet.

“The day I didn’t regret was August 13, 1996.”

Funny, but the credit goes to Jack Lemmon, in “How to Murder Your Wife.”

I like old movies too.

2 Responses to “Some kind of funny guy”

  1. T. Says:

    Note: for those of you keeping track. There are two Johns in my poker league. The one that is part of what I call ‘The Beatles’ is nicknamed ‘Scotchie.’ This is the other John.
    But Scotchie was there too. We drove there together, singing Weezer and Talking Heads, drinking Gatorade and loving the hot day.

  2. My dead pool « Stories O’ Mine Says:

    […] John is already at 180 points. My cousin Christi is close behind with 146 points, and my very first boyfriend is in third with 123 points. All three of them predicted Jane Goody’s death. She was 27. […]

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