A proud moment

On Oprah, which I now tape and watch, thanks to my grama, they had an episode about children who commit suicide because of bullying.

It was heartbreaking.

But then there was one woman who shared a bright story, about a group of kids who saw a child being bullied and stood up in a circle around her. Their standing up for her, the psychologist said, gave her the confidence she needed to handle taunting in the future.

This reminded me of a phone call I got when my son was in second grade.

A man I didn’t know called and asked if I was my son’s mother.


He identified himself as Alyssa’s father. He wanted to know if I had heard what happened at lunch.

Uh-oh. “No, sir, I haven’t heard a thing.”

He was quiet a moment. Then when he started talking, I could tell he was trying not to cry.

Alyssa had gone home and told him some kids were calling her names like ‘gay,’ ‘nerd’ and ‘loser.’

Awwww. Alyssa was a sweet, tiny, timid thing who wore glasses.

He said Alyssa told him my son stood in front of her and yelled at the bullies. He told them to stop it. He said to be nice to her. He said Alyssa was his friend.

By that point the dad had given up trying not to let the tears come.

Me too.


2 Responses to “A proud moment”

  1. Julia G. Says:

    This is officially my favorite story of yours for several reasons.
    1) I think thats the sweetest thing I have ever heard! He’s a little hero!! 🙂
    2) I used to be (and still am) the nerdy girl in glasses. I have been since elementary school. And I wish that someone had stood up for me then. So I think that that little girl was very lucky to have someone stand up for her. And Im glad I have that same someone standing up for me now!

  2. cb Says:

    One of the most difficult things for a victim is to stand up to a bully. My last school required the teachers to spend about a month on a special curriculum dealing with bullying. The kids took it seriously roll playing being the bully and how to respond. It was effective.

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