The sniper story

When I was in high school a sniper came to my town.

A retired woman was shot in the early morning walking her small dog. A man was shot having a lunch break in his truck. Everyday there was another death. No one knew who it was. There was no apparent motive.

After about four days of this came the weekend, and my friends and I went out as usual.

I think this was ill-advised. I formed this idea when my car broke down next to an orange grove.

Then I said my idea out loud. This was also ill-advised. I suddenly had a car full of panicking girls. That’s a fun Friday night, right there.

We knocked on a nearby home and called my dad. We piled into some poor stranger’s living room and waited, away from the window.

Saturday night I stayed home.

Sunday morning my girlfriend was freaking out. They had gone to the party spot overlooking the city, where teen-agers parked, turned up their stereos and hung out. It was an off-road labrynth of dirt paths in the hills.

It got chilly early, and my friends climbed in their car to warm up. Seconds later a burly man in fatigues waving what looked like a broomstick jumped on the hood of the station wagon.

As fast as they could, they locked their doors and peeled out of there.

So there’s my girlfriend on the phone Sunday, saying the guy on the front page of the paper under the word ‘Captured’ was the burly man. He seemed to have survived the fall from the car.

I don’t think he was waving a broomstick.

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5 Responses to “The sniper story”

  1. gunky Says:

    SAY WHAT?!!!

  2. T. Says:

    How can you not remember this stuff? This was huge news in our little town.
    I think his name was Danny de Laguardia. He was a survivalist living in the groves in the canyon. He had hopped on a train in the San Diego area and jumped off where those tracks go through the canyon.
    I Googled his name and didn’t get anything. I probably don’t have it right.
    This was in the fall of our junior year.

  3. T. Says:

    I FOUND IT! his name was danny figueroa. here’s the link:

  4. Brian S. Says:

    I assume that when you said you “pealed” out of there, you mean that you left making a lot of noise like a bell.

  5. T. Says:

    you got me! my daughter/editor is falling down on the job.

    thanks, and i fixed it.


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