The standing on my desk story

During the year I subbed, or as I refer to it, Hell, it was on this date I finally got a job for my daughter’s class.

My daughter wasn’t there.

She was with her teacher at the school’s talent show.

At the end of the day, her friends said, “Your mom told us a story about standing on her desk.” She told me she heard this 30 times. 

As many times she said, “Yeah, I know that story.”

My daughter doesn’t think I’m as entertaining as I do.

I had to tell it after I introduced myself, because one of the children said, “Instead of calling you by name, can we just stand on our desks to get your attention?”

Middle school kids think they’re entertaining.

The first week of high school my geometry teacher was beginning a lecture on finding the measurement of an angle when I butted in, “Can’t we just subtract the other two angle measurements from 180?”

In hindsight I get that his point that day was to show us a different way to get the answer. His response to me was “I never said the angles equal 180.”

Yeah, but don’t they?

“Show me where it says that.” Silly me, I thought he really wanted me to.

He went back to his lecture.

I found it in the book and raised my hand.

He went on with his lecture.

Undaunted, I stood on my chair.

At this point it was a showdown. I sat toward the front. He couldn’t pretend not to notice me.

He pretended not to notice me.

I stood on my desk.

He no longer had the class’ attention. He dropped his chalk hand to his side and shrugged as if to say Uncle.

“Yes Miss C?”

“Page 94!” I was proud.

He didn’t seem proud of me. He went on with his lecture.

I never did learn the other way to find the measurement of an angle.

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3 Responses to “The standing on my desk story”

  1. gunky Says:

    the only reason i don’t believe THIS story is because i was in that class, and i know i was in that class because i know i HAD to cheat off of you because i had NO idea what anyone was talking about, and that was the only class i ever cheated in, and i would have remembered this happening, for SURE!

  2. T. Says:

    you don’t remember? i was sure you would comment that you remembered that day.
    it was like a week into our sophomore year.

  3. Jeremy A. Says:

    Geometry Lesson

    The only way (that works under any circumstance) to find the missing angle of a triangle is to subtract the 2 known angles from 180.
    (If you subtract the 2 angles from 180 and the result is less than 0, the object is not a triangle)

    There are many ways to find the missing side length of an object and vary on the situation.

    If you need help, send any problems to me, Will Bundy (smartest student I know), or (our geometry teacher) Mr. Porter.

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