Frankenstein Road

Today is my Uncle Chauncey’s birthday. Uncle Chauncey is an imp.

He used to take his little cousins, my mama and Unca Rob, to a narrow road in town, where he said Frankenstein’s monster lived.

They were afraid. He was amused.

This road has an oft dry creek running alongside. It’s dark — lined with oaks and eucalyptus trees. It’s creepy.

He showed where the scientist’s plane crashed, stranding the monster. He showed them the propeller.

He said it was called Frankenstein Road.

Naturally, when I was a kid my mother did the same to me.

And you can bet I’ve taken my children monster scouting on that road during thunderstorms.

This family has many imps.


One Response to “Frankenstein Road”

  1. roberto Says:

    Chauncey would make me and my sister hunker down in the back on the floor of the car and try not to look.

    I didn’t realize that you and your children have all been initiated to the mysteries of Frankenstein Road.

    The creek was called the Sankey, an ugly anglicization of the original Indian name Zanja. It was an irrigation ditch dug by the mission Indians to bring water from Mill Creek Canyon to Redlands and Loma Linda.

    Frankie’s Road is maybe a mile upstream from the photo on this page

    I did a painting looking through some eucalyptus trees growing on the banks of the Zanja about six miles upstream from there.

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