Pulp Fiction

Last night we watched Pulp Fiction again.

I had made a best-movies-of-all-time list years ago, and my son’s been working his way through it. He agrees with my taste. Pulp Fiction is number 4. Finally we decided he was mature enough to watch it.

There’s a scene where John Travolta’s character is buying drugs, and The Tornadoes’ ‘Bustin’ Surfboards’ is playing. This was the first surf song to get national airplay.

The Tornadoes are from my town. My Uncle Chauncey used to jam with them. The lead guy, Gerald Sanders, is my uncle’s BFF.

When the movie producers came knocking, they wanted the orignal vinyl recording of the song. Gerald didn’t have one.

My mom did.

When Gerald came knocking, she didn’t want to give it up. He promised to have it back before she could say blueberry pie.

He didn’t. What you hear in that movie is my mama’s stolen 45.

If you’re reading, Gerald, give it back. Pretty please, with sugar on top….

Update: This story is not accurate. Please read the comments for a correction from Uncle Chauncey himself.



3 Responses to “Pulp Fiction”

  1. roberto Says:

    That sucks! I will forward this post to your cousin Chauncey. Maybe there is something he can do.

    BTW, I got the “pretty please” reference even without the link.

  2. Uncle Chauncey Says:

    Rob sent me a forward with your post. Below is my response.
    He suggested I forward this to you

    Hey Luke-
    Please let T. know that she has got the story mixed up. Here is the actual story.
    Gerald did obtain a 45 record from Dianne. However it was not near as successful as “Busting Surfboards” . He obtained our Hustler 45 record titled “Barefoot Adventure”.(only L.A. & Inland Empire play)
    The reason he went to get it is because a writer by the name of Robert Dalley was writing and publishing a book on Surf bands of the 60’s. We were included in the book but none of us had a 45. Robert wanted to take a picture of it along with other Hustler trivia items for the book. The book was published and the picture of the 45 along with posters, band shots etc. take up a full page as well as a few pages with the story.

    Gerald apparently never received the 45 back from Robert Dalley and Dianne was upset.
    The book is a quality publication soft back large magazine format with about 250 pages.

    I inquired with the writer about a year ago but his wife informed me he was in the hospital for a serious diabetes possible operation. Of course I did not want to bother her with my inquiry and told her to give him my best and I would be back in touch.

    I do not want my bro Gerald taking a hit on this. Especially anyhing to do with Pulp Fiction that people may hear.
    He was helping us out so the blame is on me as well. I shall attempt to retrieve our 45. By the way it never went gold-BUT is did go Aluminum. Not near a good story as the Pulp Fiction one but the record is very sentimental to Dianne.
    I also picked up on “pretty please”. Pulp Fiction is at the top of my list.

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