My dad used to say…

Today one of my students was complaining, “It’s too hot in here.”

I told her, “My daddy used to say, ‘It’s not hot; you’re hot.”

Know my my dad says now? It’s hot in here.

2 Responses to “My dad used to say…”

  1. gunky Says:

    wouldn’t the “it” in “it’s hot” refer to the air, the temperature, the general condition of the room?

  2. T. Says:

    yes. his point was that air was the right temperature, but i felt hot on my own. although usually it was my complaining that it was cold, and his saying ‘it’s not cold; you’re cold.’
    what he really meant was, ‘i don’t want to pay to run the air conditioner or heater.’
    now what he means is ‘wife, did you turn the heater on? i don’t want to pay for that.’

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