What would we have done?

My Oldest Friend and I had a lot of summer afternoons to fill.

Sometimes we would hop on the banana seats of our little bikes and ride to the library or the park. Mine was pink and had strawberries on it. Hers was blue with white paisleys.

Other times we would tie the wagon to the back of a bike, and one of us would pull the other to the library or park.

There was naught but the library or park to visit, if we didn’t have money for the corner store where the candy lived.

There was even handlebar riding. There were never helmets.

At some point in the voyage, one of us would usually say, ‘What would you do if . . . ?’

‘. . . I fell off; I got hit by a car; I suddenly died.’

I don’t remember what our answers were. I only remember being happy that we both wondered the same things.


One Response to “What would we have done?”

  1. Gunky Says:

    I DO remember the wondering, and determining answers. My husband and I do that sometimes. Of course I remember the summers, bike, park, library, little store. I’ve never ridden anyone on handlebars and I remember a blue banana seat, but I con only conjur the paisley because you said it.

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