The answering machine message

I asked my daughter which story I should write about today, and she chose this one.

When I was 18 my girlfriend Boom Boom and I had an apartment, in which we would watch the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs. We couldn’t get enough of the little alien who bursts from the guy’s belly, puts on a flat straw hat and sings “Hello My Baby” ragtime-style on a diner counter.

We wrote this outgoing message, which we sang into our answering machine:

Hello my baby,

Hello my honey,

Sorry we’re not at home….

Just leave your name and

Just leave your number.

We’ll call you on the phone! (big crescendo at the end, followed by our own applause.)

One night we came home to a message from Boom Boom’s father, who was never effusive with praise, “You damned crazy kids!” That was the whole message.

Boom Boom started to cry. “He liked it.”



3 Responses to “The answering machine message”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    I love it. 🙂 T., only you would have a roommate named Boom Boom.

  2. Boom Boom Says:

    How could you not talk about that everyday of your life?! Remember the guy trying to break in with the screwdriver? Miss You~Vic

  3. T. Says:

    hey hey booms.
    I totally don’t, and I thought I remembered EVERYTHING.

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