The Twilight Zone

Today my daughter and I stayed home sick. We bundled under Granny Jane’s afghan with tea and watched a Twilight Zone marathon.

When this show is on, one of us has to say, “Remember that time…?”

Here’s what happened that time.

We were on a road trip to see everybody and everything worth seeing in the USA via minivan. We had six VHS tapes packed with Twilight Zone episodes and a portable TV/VCR in the back.

We weren’t watching it, because I was reading Tom Sawyer out loud, and whenever I tried to stop, everybody hollered for more. But on a stretch between Boulder and Mount Rushmore we decided to pop in an episode so I could eat a PB&J. It was July 21.

The first episode on the tape was “One for the Angels,” in which Ed Wynn is visited by a man — death — come to take him to the other side.

Wynn argues with him, but death insists, showing him his appointment book, “Look here, it says I am to pick up Lew Bookman, that’s you, at 1:36 p.m. on July 21, that’s now.”

Dad called from the driver’s seat, “What’s today’s date?”


We all looked up at the clock. It was 1:36 p.m.

Whoa! We had been changing time zones everyday, and we watched only one episode out of 70.

So we did what all red-blooded Americans do when faced with eerie coincidence. We sang the Twilight Zone theme.

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3 Responses to “The Twilight Zone”

  1. gunky Says:

    HA! love the friggin links!

  2. roberto Says:

    Good one. Your writings have caused me to recall several bizarre, inexplicable and paranormal things that have happened to me in my life. I wish I had more time to commit them to writing on my own blog for posterity.

    The thing is, I remain a staunch skeptic.

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