The Little League coach story

During the years my husband was the stay-at-home parent, he coached our son’s soccer and baseball teams.

Another father was a Little League coach of badness. He demeaned the boys, and encouraged bad sportsmanship. When they were in the outfield they would boo and yell insults at the batter and pitcher.

He was friendly to my husband and me, but I always dreaded playing his team. It made me sad.

One cold night I was watching practice before one of these games. His team had already warmed up on the diamond. Parents were beginning to fill in the bleachers.

One of the dads sat next to me and made small talk. “Big game tonight.”

“Yeah, and the mood will be crabby over here, you know, with the usual tsking about how mean that coach is, and how negative the team is.”

I should really look at who I’m talking to. It was the other coach, come over to wish me and mine luck.

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One Response to “The Little League coach story”

  1. fred bauman Says:

    Many moons ago I was second assistant coach on my son’s Little League team although I knew very little about the game having been raised on soccer. The game had barely begun when my coach got into an argument with the umpire resulting in his ejection. Our fans began booing. The umpire told the assistant coach to keep the fans quiet wich did not sit well with this individual whose vociferous protests got him ejected also. Which left me. The umpire told me in no uncertain terms that unless our supporters quieted down he’d cancel the game. I knew even less about crowd control than I did about baseball but I gave it my best shot. I knelt down on home plate, hands pressed together in supplication, beseeching the crowd to let us play. It was quite a picture, but it worked. We lost 17 to zip. It was before the mercy rule. I wish the game had been called off.

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