The salad dressing decision

Last night we went to the annual Feastings events at my mom’s church. It’s a warm evening of dinner and choir performances that really puts us in the holiday spirit every year.

On and off again my mom is a part of the dinner making. She ran a catering business on the side for many years and is the go-to for many events around here still.

One of these years when she was involved, she was measuring out the walnut oil for the salad dressing when it occurred to her some attendees may have nut allergies. She stopped herself pouring it in and substituted canola oil.

That night, while eating his salad, a man had a stroke. His face pitched right into the radicchio and an ambulance was called. It wasn’t until after the event they learned what had happened to him.

I wasn’t there that year, but I got a call from my mom to hear about it. She was panting with relief.

“I was on the verge of changing my mind and going ahead with the walnut oil.” The road not traveled had gotten under her skin.

“I would have thought it was my fault. I would have thought I had made the wrong call.”

Whew. It would have made her nuts.



3 Responses to “The salad dressing decision”

  1. Fred Bauman Says:

    I don’t know about face in the radiccio, but one day at a restaurant some guy choked on his ribeye and a man at the table next to ours jumped up, grabbed him from behind, pulled down his pants and licked his ass. His victim got such a shock that he coughed the steak right out of his mouth. When the good samarian got back to his table his buddy said: “Well, I’ve never seen anything like that before.”
    “What’s the matter?” came ther answer, “You never heard of the hind lick maneuvre?”

  2. roberto Says:

    On my last trip to SoCal, my flight home was delayed by a passenger who had a peanut allergy. I think the general feeling on the plane as we waited on the tarmac was that those people leave their homes at their own risk.

  3. T. Says:

    i totally get that.

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