Code words

When my grandparents didn’t want people to know what they were saying, they would talk in Spanish.

Mostly, it was my grandpa telling Nana not to meddle. He would murmur, “No te metes.”

At some point this morphed into “No tomatoes,” which he didn’t have to murmur.

This is English to us now, for ‘butt out of those people’s business.’

Every New Year’s Nana announces her resolution is remind herself no tomatoes.

She can’t do it. There’s no stopping her from tomatoes.


4 Responses to “Code words”

  1. Will Says:

    …Along with the naked mice…

  2. Jeremy A. Says:

    My mom is still trying to learn English despite all the years she has been living here.
    When I was younger I didn’t understand most of what my parents were saying when they spoke Spanish.
    Currently I can understand most of their conversations.
    Although I wish I could be like my aunt from Stuttgart, Germany who can speak 7 languages fluently.

  3. roberto Says:

    She talked to Geri recently and now, for no reason, Geri’s concerned that I might have diabetes, prostate cancer, etc.

  4. Noisy Quiet Says:

    “No Tomatoes” is PERFECT!

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