Another punny headline

This post is by request. Be careful, Unca Rob. I have a million of these.

I once edited a story about a rodeo program for beginners.

It provided participants’ guidance on a bull — actually, they started on sheep — learning how to stay in the saddle.

My headline: The buck starts here.



3 Responses to “Another punny headline”

  1. Jeremy A. Says:

    “Tsunami hits cemetery. Hundreds Dead.”

    -Actual Headline
    (Last time I remembered, it was a tsunami. A friend told me this.)

  2. Fred Bauman Says:

    “This is where the buck starts”
    What a clever girl! But you might have followed with a sub-head:
    “And this is where the star bucks”

  3. roberto Says:

    Buck U

    More please!

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