A new expression

When I was a kid, we would say, “Oooh. You got burned!”

When my kids were little, they would say “You got told!”

About a month ago my son said, “Oh! He took your five dollars.”

I thought I knew the root of this, but it couldn’t be. It’s too obscure.

It is. He remembered it, and coined an expression.

Many years ago I told him a joke I am embarrassed to tell you I told him.

Two deaf guys were sitting around. One signed to the other, “What will we do tonight?”

This joke is really better with the visual aid of hand signing, which I do poorly, but which makes the joke better nonetheless. Please imagine signing with this.

“Let’s pick up some chicks and park at the point.” And that’s what they did.

The deaf guy in the back seat tapped the one in the front. With his hands, he indicated a problem — no condoms.

“No problem,” signed the one guy. “I’ll drive us over to 7-Eleven.”

The back seat guy goes in the store. A few minutes later he taps on the front window.

“There’s a problem,” he signs. “The condoms are behind the counter, and I can’t get the guy to understand what I want.”

“Just put $5 on the counter and pull out your penis.”

A few minutes later, tap tap tap.

“Did you get the condoms?”

Shaking no.

Then, with hands: Here’s what happened. I put the money on the counter, just like you told me. Then I pulled out my penis. He put $5 on the counter. He pulled out his penis. His was bigger. He took my five dollars.”

I hope I didn’t offend any deaf people. Blogging blind jokes is probably safer.


9 Responses to “A new expression”

  1. noisyquiet Says:


    Sadly, the only deaf friend I have at the moment is ten! I won’t be telling her this joke! 😀

  2. Julia Says:

    And now the term “he took your $5” is all over the band. Congratulations.

  3. T. Says:

    That’s how you change the world, baby.

  4. T. Says:

    Hey, if he can start a saying, just one little old person, then maybe i can stop the use of the Oxford comma!

  5. Jeremy A. Says:

    I bet you could stop the use of the Oxford comma.
    But in this world its not a matter of how bad we want something, its how we attain to that particular goal.

    ” You can’t always get what you want…
    ….But if you try sometimes you might find
    You get what you need…”

  6. Julia Says:

    But I love the Oxford Comma….

  7. Mike Says:

    Your closing line was more funny than the joke itself.

  8. Myles Says:

    All over the band? I haven’t heard it once. ._.

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