The nerd party story

Every Monday night my kids’ band has to show up to practice in costume. Each section has a theme. Tonight, my son’s section went as nerds.

When My Junior High Best Friend and I were in ninth grade we threw a nerd party.

I would give anything to put the invitation verbage on this post. I have one of the invitations somewhere. It was in rhyme, and it was brilliant. I’ll look for it. Check back.

Essentially it told guests to put on their polyester high waters and come on over for an evening of dancing and junk food.

We had a great turnout. We put my Hitachi turntable in the laundry room window and blared The Clash onto the deck, where all our favorite ninth-graders were getting their groove on.

It never occurred to either of us to dress up. I wore tapered jeans with a The Who final tour concert shirt.

Then a boy named Doug walked in from the driveway. He had an elaborate nerd get-up on. It was beautiful. He had too short plaid pants that came up to his nipples, and fake bucked teeth under greased-down hair.

He got up onto the deck, looked around in horror at everyone in street clothes, and ran back up the driveway.

He ran all the way home, several blocks away, and changed his clothes.

My mom was disturbed. “That poor boy is going to remember that moment for the rest of his life.”

Great, now I was disturbed.

So disturbed I remembered it for all of my life.


6 Responses to “The nerd party story”

  1. Julia Says:

    Oh so the claranets were a bunch of versions of me?? I’m a nerd. Don’t deny it. I am sad I didn’t get to see this dress up. I was stuck at home with a 103 degree fever.

  2. Will Says:

    Everyone shows up with tape on their glasses. I’m the only one who needs tape on their glasses (I walked into a clear sliding door Saturday night).

    I also wore my >5 year old wizard’s cape.

  3. roberto Says:

    Why didn’t it occur to you to dress as nerds for your own nerd party? This is what disturbs me.

  4. T. Says:

    I was wondering that myself, as I was recalling the story.

  5. T. Says:

    Will, you’re not a clarinet. Or was your theme Harry Potter?

  6. Julia Says:

    I wish trombones would do Harry Potter…we all know that’d make me very happy.

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