The engagement ring story

You don’t want my daughter in on your secret.

We were in the car this week, looking for the new high school, and my daughter said to my son, “Remember you drove there before? Myles was with us.”

My son made a low growl at her.

“You drove Myles when you had the car?” I was shocked.

A louder growl, with a dirty look at sis.

In California, a newly-licensed 16-year-old cannot drive a non-sibling teen to band practice.

I’m not as strict about this rule as I am about talking to non-siblings’ moms before I allow my son to drive them anywhere. I had not yet talked to Myles’ mom.

I was more surprised than anything. I thought my son was perfect.

But this story is about my daughter and her loose tongue.

I had been a pregnant college student when I got married.

We had no kind of money, and I had no kind of engagement ring.

For our fifth anniversary we planned a weekend alone in the mountains.

A few days before the occasion, I had worked late. This was during my husband’s two-year turn as the stay-at-home parent.

After dinner I dragged myself into the bathroom to brush teeth. My daughter followed me in. She was 3 1/2.

My son, then 5 1/2, was trying to drag her off to get jammies on.

They were both acting strange.

I pulled out the lotion box I kept my jewelry in to drop in my earrings. She snatched it away and rummaged through it.

“Come on,” said my son


“Let’s go.” Pulling on her arm.

“Wait! I wanna see the diamond ring Daddy bought today.”

I froze. My son pulled his own hair. My daughter said, “What?”

I begged her not to tell Daddy she blew the secret, but she is who she is.

She ran into the kitchen and tattled on her own self.


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3 Responses to “The engagement ring story”

  1. Fred Bauman Says:

    Children as tattle tales seem to be a common occurance. One Christmas my wife had taken our son Guy to buy me a new robe – he was 3 at the time – and had sworn him to secrecy. That evening when I came home from work the first thing Guy said to me was: “I’m not going to tell you what color your new robe is.”

  2. T. Says:

    We had a no tattling rule.
    One time my son yelled across the house, “Mama, the baby’s pulling the dinosaurs out!”
    and my daughter yelled, “Mama, he’s tattling!”

  3. roberto Says:

    And in a recent blog you say that tattling on people (who abuse their power) is a journalist’s job.

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