Reader participation

I am lying on the couch for the third day, waiting for my fever to break. It was down to the low 99s this afternoon, but right now it’s at 101.4.

I have stories yet to tell, but I am drugged with groggy goodness and am afraid to muck them up. I don’t have spell check.

Instead, I’m putting forth a challenge and asking everybody to play along.

On the radio, which I listened to while I had a hot bath this morning, there was discussion about constructing the perfect band. People were calling in.

Some applied the rule that you couldn’t use dead guys, which I applied to myself until I decided I need Ray Charles on keys. Another rule is that you can’t use two people from the same band in different categories, which is why — for those who know me well and are in shock — I didn’t put Nikki Sixx or Joe Perry as my rhythm guitarist.

While lying in wait of sleep or worse, I stewed on this challenge. My drummer, bassist and lyricist came to me first. No brainers — they’re the best there is, I say. 

Ultimately I came up with this wunderband:

  • Lead vocals, Rob Thomas and P!nk
  • Lead guitar, Rick Nielsen
  • Rhythm guitar, Joni Mitchell
  • Bass, Mick Mars
  • Keyboard, Ray Charles
  • Drums, Nigel Olsson
  • Background vocals, Clare Torry
  • Mandolin and fiddle, Cyndi Lauper (this broad is a mean musician no matter what she’s on.)
  • Sitar, Justin Hayward
  • Lyricist and harmonica, Steven Tyler
  • Songwriters, Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Raymond Toro, Gerard Arthur Way and Michael James Way (The My Chemical Romance team)
  • Tambourine, Lori Partridge (cuz she’s just that much better than Davy Jones)

OK readers, your turn.


3 Responses to “Reader participation”

  1. Will Says:

    Considering I know nobody of popular music, I SHALL USE PEOPLE WHO I KNOW!

    Tuba – Lead (F) – William Bundy
    Tuba – Lead (CC) – Robbie Tarbaux
    Tuba – Harmonic (CC) – Sean Sumner
    Tuba – Bass/Rhythm (CC – Matt Wooten
    Tuba – Bass/Rhythm (CC) – Silvino Diaz
    Tuba – Bass/Rhythm (CC) – Michael Ledesma
    Tuba – Bass/Rhythm (CC) – Daniel Newton

    Keyboard/Synth- Myles Davis (Doubling on Clarinet)
    Percussion – Ryan Preston
    Vocal – Carlisle Momberger (Doubling on Keyboard; Flute)
    Vocal – Philip Lucero (Doubing on Keyboard; Saxophone)
    Clarinet – Hunter Momberger (Doubling on Bassoon)
    Trombone – Bradley Lape
    Trumpet – Katie Martinez

  2. Jeremy A. Says:

    I don’t know what would be the next “wunderband” but I thought of some artists that I thought would be pretty good under the ‘Bass’ and ‘Songwriters’ categories. For the songwriters I listed a few songs from each artist to give an idea for why I selected these artists.

    Paul McCartney
    (For playing with the Beatles / years: 1962-1970)
    My dad has recently expressed his stand by saying one time, “Paul McCartney is one
    hell of a bass player!” (Did you know that Paul can’t read sheet music?)


    Bob Dylan
    “Blowin’ in the Wind”
    “The Times they are a Changin'”
    “Mr. Tambourine Man”
    “Like A Rolling Stone”

    Paul Simon
    “The Sound of Silence”
    “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
    “Mrs. Robinson”

    John Lennon
    (Even though he was assassinated in 1980, his spirit will always live on
    with his fans worldwide; I’m listing songs that were post-Beatle years, because then the
    list would be extremely long.)
    “Give Peace a Chance”
    “Instant Karma”

    Cat Stevens
    “Peace Train”
    “Father and Son”
    “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out”

  3. T. Says:

    Will and Jeremy, you both broke the rule that you can’t use two people from the same band.
    In fact, Will, you just recreated a band that already exists.
    This has been a totally failed experiment.

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