The hemorrhage story

My grama tells this story all the time.

It’s basically about guilt.

When Unca Rob was a little boy, Nana had some kind of small surgery on her uterus. Then she went to his spelling bee.

While she was sitting in the audience, something inside her snapped, and she hemorrhaged all over herself. Grampa had to carry her out of the elementary auditorium.

Unfortunately, this happened when Rob spelled his word wrong.

She found out after he became a man that he spent his lifetime thinking  it was cause and effect.

I’m sure he lived with the guilt of his misconception better than she’s living with the guilt of giving it to him.

This would have been a better story if the word he missed had been ‘hemorrhage.’



One Response to “The hemorrhage story”

  1. roberto Says:

    It’s true. I thought she was stricken with shame to the point of having to be hospitalized because her son had misspelled the word “kerosene”. I am to this day still shamed by myself for that mental fart. I remember the feeling of choking by second guessing myself as soon as the letters left my mouth.

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