Clothes shopping

Yesterday’s post reminded me of shopping for clothes when I was my daughter’s age.

My mother would hand over her credit card. My Oldest Friend got $20 a month, which she was supposed to budget and accumulate. I was dying of jealousy. That struck me as a fortune.

I did not understand why she didn’t abuse this situation.

I  must have bugged her about it, because I remember her telling me, lots, that Brian was going to ask to see her monthly balance. Brian was her shiny new step-dad.

At one point we signed up for dance lessons together. The next day we walked to the mall to get matching leotards.

The first pair we tried on made it glaring to me this was a bad idea. Tia had glorious hooters and I had naught. Wearing identical stretchy bits drew the eye to my shortcomings.

But I’ve always had more pride than vanity, so I kept quiet and handed over mom’s MasterCard.

The leotards we bought were white cotton, with little puffy sleeves and sprinkles of pink, gray and purple triangles. They must have been pricey, because she was on about having to show Brian her monthly balance.

I double-dog dared her to go in there and stand on one foot.

She never did what I said. That was probably a good thing.



2 Responses to “Clothes shopping”

  1. gunky Says:

    what?! “white cotton, with little puffy sleeves and sprinkles of pink, gray and purple triangles”? never heard of it.

    and i DID abuse the clothing allowance: i collected friends’ receipts and showed them to brian on my expense report . . . i used the money for other things . . .

  2. T. Says:

    How can you not remember those leotards? Aye caramba, sister. I love you so, but you break my heart.

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