I am an imp

At my house, country music is not considered cool.

I don’t even know if I hate it. I just know there’s a stigma. If it comes on, we rush to push a new station.

One night my husband and I were shuffling cars around in the driveway. I was in his new car. It has a touch screen.

There are three FM screens, with six preset buttons each. He didn’t know how to manipulate them, but I did.

While I was moving his car, I set all his presets to KFROG.

The next morning just after he left for work, the phone rang.

I knew it would. 

All I heard was “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.”


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One Response to “I am an imp”

  1. Jeremy A. Says:

    This story is funny and a little mean at the same time.
    I would understand if it was April Fools but I do have sympathy for your husband.
    This story reminds me how in Mexico my dad told me about his jukebox idea…

    Every year we (me and my parents) go down to Mexico in the summer.
    We always go to this one small village 20 miles west of Nayarit, Mexico for a week each year.
    My dad had been at this village many times (Fun Fact: From 72′ to around 94′ he has lived there for periods of about 1/2 a year.) and has been an important epoch of his life.

    One day we were eating lunch at this local restaurant by the beach and then a couple of drunks had come in.
    Besides the cheap food at this restaurant, it was also a place for locals to hang out.
    To best define ‘hanging out’ for locals down there would be defined as listing to ranchera (a type of music that sounds awful, like country) while passing the day by drinking some beers.

    Anyway there was a jukebox behind us and one of the drunks put in 10 pesos and ordered a tall mug of Corona.
    The jukebox was intolerable.
    After moving other side of the restaurant the jukebox was still loud.
    We then thought of ways of sabotaging the jukebox.
    My dad had the best idea: Keep the covers of the ranchera music, but when someone puts in some money it will play some classical music.
    Our ideas did go a little extreme so we came to a compromise that we will do next year.
    Next year we’re going to pay 150 pesos to the owner as long as she will not allow the jukebox to played for the time that we stay in town.

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