The studying story

Tonight I went to my kids’ high school open house.

Afterward, some of us parents were sharing our opinions of the teachers. Mine are all positive.

One of our friends was telling us his daughter’s history teacher will give each child an index card the day before the test. Students are allowed to have the cards on their desks during the exam.

We agreed this was a good idea. He said, “By the time they’ve rewritten all their notes real tiny on that thing, they’ve learned the material.” 

I had an experience just like that.

It seemed to me as a child that I could study more easily by listening to the material while I slept. I thought it would soak in.

In my mind, this was some form of cheaterpantsery. It wasn’t.

I sat down on my bedroom’s orange carpet with my cassette recorder and my study guide, hit record and read.

This was quick and easy.

And short.

It occurred to me that I would hit play and climb in bed, and the notes would be finished before I fell asleep. I would have to make it last longer.

So I read them over and over, to fill up the half-hour side of the tape.

To this day I don’t know if sleep studying works. I had memorized the stupid study sheet before I executed the experiment.

I felt like an idiot, despite the A.


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