The purse

My daughter lost her wallet after we went to Big Bear last weekend to eat at Saucy Mama’s.

This morning on the way to school she said she found it, and I told her about the time I lost mine.

For Christmas my senior year in high school one of my girlfriends gave me a beach-bag size blue vinyl purse. My sister gave me a make-up bag.

I tucked my dark green mascara and liquid glitter eye shadow in the bag in the purse and went out for ribs and a movie with the peeps.

At dinner my mom passed me $20 for lunch for the week. That was a ton of money then.

Then we were off to see Platoon.

Not too far into the film it was clear I didn’t have the emotional strength to watch Platoon. I told my parents I’d wait in the lobby and slipped out.

When they came out later, they didn’t have my purse. I ran in.

It wasn’t there.

My driver license, school ID, photos of friends — all gone.

It turned out I also lacked the emotional strength to lose my best make-up.

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One Response to “The purse”

  1. Jeremy A. Says:

    I can relate (sort of).

    I previously commented on losing a camera in Vegas.
    The camera that I lost was worth about $300 and the chip had some priceless photos in it.

    The second encounter of losing a valuable happened this summer…
    My mom wanted me to be prepared for future trips (when I travel solo, someday) so she gave me $200 for our trip in Chicago (to help pay for food, etc.)
    When we left the airport we took a shuttle to the downtown area.
    The shuttle tried to fit many people inside the van and I was squished.
    When we arrived at downtown I noticed that in my pocket that I was missing my wallet. (Fun Fact: The number of the shuttle that we were riding in was 666)
    Before the van left, the driver asked us if anyone of us was missing a wallet.
    That experience was too-close of making the trip a failure.
    I am not ready to travel solo (but someday I will be ready).

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