I, on the other hand….

Each of my children has gotten lost once. I used to get lost a lot.

My mom likes to tell this story. I remember when it happened.

We were at a large mall, at the Sears department store, when I looked up from whatever clothes rack my mind had wandered in and realized I didn’t know where my mom had gone.

I found a saleswoman and asked where customer service was. I told her I couldn’t find my mommy.

She took me down the escalator to the basement level. The walls and floor were shiny and white. She held my hand and made kid talk.

She led me to a counter where I gave my name and my mom’s name. I was articulate at 4, and comfortable speaking with adults.

They paged my mom.

When she came to collect me, the saleswoman was effusive. She told Mom she waited to tell her how impressed she was.

She said I knew where to go and what information to give. She said I was calm and friendly.

Shoot, for me it was just part of going shopping.

It was a fabulous experience, because my mom seemed so proud.


2 Responses to “I, on the other hand….”

  1. Julia Says:

    I wad a very articulate 4 year old too! My mom told me that we were at a Wal-Mart and I was watching the many TVs but I couldn’t hear them. So I went to the counter and said “Excuse me, may you please turn the television up? I can not hear it.” Apparently I got funny looks when I asked.

  2. roberto Says:

    I remember when I was about 10, my family went to San Berdo for some event… maybe it was a parade or something. I think it was near the train station near 5th and Mt Vernon. I wondered off to some stockyards nearby to look at the horses. I was there without a care in the world or a thought in my head until it got very dark. Somehow my folks found me. I’m sure they were very unhappy about it. You should ask them about that incident.

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