A riddle

Today my son found a kids’ riddle book in the glove compartment. I don’t know where it came from.

He read us the riddles, and some of them were funny, but many were groaners.

My daughter and I took it as a challenge to come up with better punch lines than the book offered.

Then we abandoned the book and the three of us  invented our own.

Here’s our favorite, made from scratch, for your entertainment:

What is the  favorite sandwich of common people?

A Plebian J.


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One Response to “A riddle”

  1. Fred Bauman Says:

    I don’t get it.
    Now if it were a favorite meal it might be peasant under glass,or favorite drink, popsicola, or dessert, mousse for the masses, but plebianJ?????. Of course if the upper classes were involved, the answer would be Chicken a la King, Royal Crown Cola and creme de la creme brulee.

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