Another copy editor miss that wasn’t my fault

When we put a newspaper page together, we rarely have all the pieces. Photos, headlines, captions and even stories can still be in the production process while the page is built.

Page designers fill these spots with place holders. For photos this is easy. You need to know only whether you’ll be using a vertical or a horizontal photo.

Under there you write something like “Caption goes here. Caption goes here. Caption goes here and blah blah for three lines.”

I gave you this journalism lesson to explain why when I started working at the Daily Camera, I found the following clipping taped to my desk, left by my predecessor:

“Correction: The headline ‘Abby needs head’ was erroneous….”


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4 Responses to “Another copy editor miss that wasn’t my fault”

  1. Jeremy A. Says:

    Wasn’t it another school newspaper that printed out “Abby needs head” when you told us (Moore’s Journalism Class 08-09) while you were subbing?
    Or am I making that up?
    Anyway, you taught us some really great things from funny stories like this one to Journalism Ethics.
    Those were some good times…
    …except when things didn’t turn out so well…

  2. T. Says:

    It wasn’t a school paper; it was the Boulder Daily Camera. School newspapers don’t run Dear Abby.

  3. Will Says:

    I once put a bullet in a powerpoint saying “This bullet is just for effect”

  4. Fred Bauman Says:

    The first reporting job I had, even before going to college, was at the Denison (TX) Herald. I was probably the only Jew in town so naturally I was made church editor (among my many other duties). Came Easter and I had to write the lead story for the church page and also the headline. I wrote: Christ responsible for the immortality of Man.
    Sunday morning the paper comes out with this head: Christ responsible for the immorality of Man
    I could have been fired on the spot. Luckily back then we had to keep carbons of everything we wrote. My carbon showed the error was not mine. To this day I wonder whether some anti-semetic typesetter was trying to get rid of me

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