Celebrity encounters

Last night at the wedding reception, we were talking about experiences with celebrities. I shared that my daughter went on Disneyland’s rapids ride with Orlando Bloom and learned that my cousin’s girlfriend was once given a ride to shore from Rosie O’Donnell on her Jet Ski, (and the incident was mentioned on Rosie’s show).

One of my close friends’ husbands works in movies. Julia Roberts threw her baby shower. Jim Carrey gave her a bathrobe. She’s been drinking with Brad Pitt. I mentioned I’m crazy about Jason Bateman. She said, “He’s just sweet all the way through.”

But wait till you hear how cool I am.

As you may remember, one of my cousins was in the band Grandaddy. He was also a serious skateboarder, like his buddy, professional skateboarder and movie star Jason Lee. Remember his stunts in Mumford? Real.

One night we went to the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. Grandaddy was performing; Elliot Smith opened. Jason Lee had gone all by himself, so he hung with us.

By ‘hung with,’ I mean stood near and made like he came in with.

This was right before My Name is Earl, but after Chasing Amy, Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky. It was way after Mumford.

After the concert we went backstage, which was in the basement. My cousin the rock star came over for hugs and kudos, and said, ‘Guys, this is Jason; Jason, these are my parents, my brother, and my cousins.’

Here’s the extent of my relationship with the movie star: I said, “Hi, how are you?” He popped open a beer and nodded. Then I said, “It’s getting late, we’re heading on home.”

I’m cool.



3 Responses to “Celebrity encounters”

  1. Fred Bauman Says:

    I spent an afternoon with Teddy Kennedy when Sen. Tunney got married for a second time and Teddy was best man. I was “invited” to that, and “could I just take a few pictures while I’m there.”
    My kids went camping with Nick Adams’ kids in the San Berdoo Mts. and I spent some time with Tippy Hedren (of The Birds fame) who was a cousin of a coworker at the PE. And of course you know from my book that I met Noel Coward on theQueen Mary. I could go on, but enough about me. Tell me how you feel about knowing and spending time with a real celebrity, yours truly!

  2. gunky Says:

    jason lee? elliot smith? i have no idea. it feels really good to not know who people are in the celebrity world . . .

    . . . that way when i’m at julia’s house and her famous friends come over i don’t look all star struck.

  3. roberto Says:

    Cousin Lori hangs with Jackson Browne.


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