Mom’s voice in my head

I cleaned my house the night before my birthday party.

Our other house took days to clean. It was like painting the Golden Gate bridge.  I really appreciate having half the space and a more modern home when I clean.

My son came home in the evening, and every time he went into a room, he said, “It looks great in here!”

I used to say this to my mom when the house looked good, but she would always say, “No thanks to you.” So I stopped.

I thought of this, and how nice it was to hear that my work was noticable, and I just said, “Thank you” to my boy.

Mom called.

“Shall I come over and clean your house?”  At 8 p.m.?

“I cleaned it already.”

“Since you got home from work? It can’t be very clean.”

“Well my son came home and said the house looks great.”

“No thanks to him, I’m sure.”

I actually did not see that coming.


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4 Responses to “Mom’s voice in my head”

  1. Julia Says:

    We clean our house so often that it’s never a special moment when it’s clean. As the Cinderella who cleans my house constantly, I wish we would let it get dirty every so often just to feel the joy of acomplishing something. But as always I feel that I’d rather have a messy home that looks lived in rather than a clean home that looks empty.

  2. Dianne Landeros Says:

    I don’t remember EVER saying that to you, although I did say it when you told me what my grandson had said.

  3. roberto Says:

    Great story o’ yours!

    On a related note, I highly recommend following Justin’s tweets at

  4. T. Says:

    rob, i not only started following justin’s tweets, but i preordered his book. it just arrived in the mail. i put it in what the boys refer to as ‘the pooping bathroom’ at the far end of the house.

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