Two weddings saved

Today is Tessa’s birthday. I saved this story for today, which was hard, because it’s an incredible coincidence story, and I love those.

When Tessa got married, she knew a guy who knew a guy who had a printing service out of his garage in Orange County. She hired him to print the wedding invitations.

One day soon after, he called her. He was packaging up some invitations he had already printed, and he noticed that they were for the same time, at the same church as hers.

She called the church. Sure enough, they double booked. Whoops.

Tessa found another place to get married.

If the two brides hadn’t both had their invitations printed in the same guy’s garage an hour and half west of home, and if he hadn’t actually read them, which I heard he usually didn’t, it would have been a disaster.

The bigger the possible disaster, the better the disaster-averted story, I say.

Happy birthday, Tess.


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