When I was a kid my my mom’s best friend got married. She was white and he was black.

Shortly after, one of the four apartments in the old house next door to us advertised a vacancy.

My mom spoke to the owner, who lived upstairs. The old lady was thrilled. “Send them over to see the place tonight.”

Later that night my mom’s friends, both of them friendly, professional and sunny of spirit, rang our bell.

“How’d you like it?” my mom asked.

“She told us it was no longer available,” they said.

That old bat had taken one look at the couple and stopped being thrilled.

This story isn’t funny, eerily coincidental or touching, but something made me remember it this morning.

I hadn’t thought of it in almost three decades, and that racist bag died alone some 25 years ago, but there I was driving to work getting angry all over again.



One Response to “Discrimination”

  1. gunky Says:

    i love your blog. it has focus. i need focus. xo

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