Naming a kid Paul

It has always bothered me that someone would name a baby Paul.

I can’t get away from the idea that during birth, the mother is a Paul bearer.


3 Responses to “Naming a kid Paul”

  1. fred bauman Says:

    That’s just appauling, but would you believe I once knew a girl from Forney, TX, whose parents named her Kate. That would make her Forney Kate

  2. roberto Says:

    It bothers me a bit when people seem oblivious to the fun possibilities presented by their surnames.

    I had a girlfriend whose last name was Hyman. When she told me she had a brother, I asked if his name was Buster. She said no, his name was David.

    My wife and I were visiting my wife’s friend who had just given birth to a boy. I asked the brand new parents if they had ever considered naming him Sterling, which happens to be the name of my own son. She looked a little befuddled, but answered no, they hadn’t. Their last name is Silva.

  3. T. Says:

    rob, when i see a name where the last name is played on like that, i think, didn’t the parents notice? it never occurred to me someone would do that on purpose. sadist.

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