Lee Iacocca

I just got an e-mail from my neighbor at our other house. He sends me lots of political forwards. He is a conservative Republican.

This e-mail is an excerpt from Lee Iacocca’s book, “Where Have All the Leaders Gone?” It was a rant against the Bush administration, without naming names, but addressing Sept. 11, Hurricane Katrina and the American soldiers in Iraq. Then out of nowhere it says, “Obama is running the biggest deficit in our country’s history.”

Well that was incongruous. I checked it out on Snopes. They said the rant is accurately credited until you get to the Obama part, which someone added and forwarded.

Nothing thrills a copy editor more than a catch, you know.

…And having a Lee-Iacocca story, which I do.

My news editor at the Boulder paper told it to me.

She said when he took over as the head of Chrysler, he gave each employee a lapel pin. The next day, he called a meeting and had the staff line up shoulder to shoulder for some class of drill down. Everybody wore his pin but one guy.

Iacocca looked down his nose at the pinless man, and asked threateningly, “Where is your pin, Sir?”

“It must still be on my pajamas.”



2 Responses to “Lee Iacocca”

  1. gunky Says:

    you read his conservative forwards?

  2. roberto Says:

    I read the emails I get from my conservative relatives. I usually reply to “all” with my own observations or arguments. I am disappointed that so few on the email lists engage in a dialog. I think we should draw people out from both sides and have them argue their position. To just pass along third party propaganda without being prepared to back it up with your own arguments, or to just ignore incoming propaganda without sharing a perspective or taking a stand against lies and misinformation, is lazy, cowardly and wrong.

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