The florist debate

There was a news story that sparked a discussion at my dinner table.

A man who had flowers sent to his girlfriend sued a florist for exposing his affair to his wife. He claimed the company’s privacy policy was violated when they sent a thank-you-for-your-business note to his home.

The spouses were divorcing, and the alimony was set, but when the missus learned of the other woman, she doubled her exit fee.

It seemed to me commentators on the news agreed that the cheater had no right to whine about getting caught.

I disagreed. People shouldn’t be excused from their promises whenever the promisee is revealed to have done something naughty. If the florists have a clause that they will not abet infidelity, they may have some ethical standing, but this florist specifically says “you may instruct that other personal information about you or your message or gift recipients’ that you have provided to us not be shared with third parties.” They know some of their clients are doing the nasty with forbidden fruit. I think they’re suggesting they’ll help keep their customers’ secrets.

I presented the story at the dinner table to get my family’s opinion. My husband had the same reaction I had. My daughter wanted to know if the guy had a legal contract with the flower company specifiying they wouldn’t send anything to his house.

My son had an interesting perspective: The cad’s suit would mean he believed victims of contract breakers were entitled to money. Marriage is a contract, my son said. Suing the florist is an admission he owes his wife the extra alimony.

“Pick one,” my son said.

I like that.

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2 Responses to “The florist debate”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Had a similar (but not as bad) situation happen. One of my roomies was dating a woman in Boulder but had a girl back in California that he was carrying a torch for. It was just after Valentine’s Day and I was home and got a call from the girl in Cali. She asked me to leave him a message saying “thanks for the flowers.” I dutifully wrote this on the white board we had for such things.

    I come home from work later that day to find my very pissed off roommate. He was angry at me for putting the message up on the board. Evidently the local girl had come over to walk the dog and saw the message. You’d think he could talk his way out of the flowers thing, but the problem was he’d given the local girl ONE rose the Cali girl a DOZEN. So she saw “flowers” PLURAL on the board and freaked out. Rightly so, in my opinion.

    She dumped him that afternoon. In response to his anger, I told him maybe he should be giving the larger bunch of flowers to the girl he was actually sleeping with, instead of the girl in another state. No sympathy here.

  2. roberto Says:

    I can’t opine since I haven’t seen the florist’s agreement and I’m not a lawyer, thank goodness.

    But your son’s (let’s call him Predator) point is clever, but is sophistry.

    Florists are in the business of helping people doing the nasty, as are motels and any number of service and consumer industries. They should all try to be discrete, but if information leaks out there to the wrong person, they shouldn’t be held to account for the world’s sins.

    Years ago, when Viagra hit the market bigtime, my parents told me they had invested in Pfizer stock. I told them that essentially, they were making money by abetting men doing the nasty, and that the ads depicting middle age men becoming romantic with their middle age wives are laughable at best, and a big fat lie at worse. What an outrageously disingenuous PR front!

    I would guess with some certainty that men are using these boner pills to have sex with anybody and anything OTHER than their wives. Where are the ads depicting young, healthy men using Cialis for “partying”? Where are the ads showing the two gay dudes sitting next to each other in bathtubs (or bathroom stalls)?

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