My husband talked in his sleep

The smallest bit of light or noise torments my husband when he’s sleeping. If I put my book light on, he puts a pillow over his face, then crosses his arms over it to press it into his eyes.

When we were dating, I once stood outside his house in the middle of the night and whispered his name. He answered in a full, clear voice, “What?”

He woke up like a snap. The man is cursed.

This is the time period my story takes place in. Sometimes he would ask me to come stay with him, even if I worked late or had a report to write. There were no locks on his doors, so I would creep into his dark, quiet house and climb in bed. He would wake up, drape his arm over me and be asleep again within a second.

One night I curled into him, and he said in a strong voice, “Ah! You must be the maker of the contacts.”


“Huh?” He was asleep.

Apparently, he either dreams of being a secret agent, or an optomotrist.



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