My son cracks me up again

I learned some yicky statistics about how many spiders the average person swallows annually while sleeping and such.

Among these fun facts was that Americans eat an average of 12 pubic hairs a year in fast food.

I shared this with my kids.

My son said, “Boy, I feel sorry for the guy who only eats fast food once a year.”



5 Responses to “My son cracks me up again”

  1. Gunky Says:


  2. Mike Says:

    let it be known that I didn’t teach him that

  3. JeremyA Says:

    One time my dad ate breakfast with me at this hotel by the beach in Mexico.
    When he was almost done he saw a black thing next to his fruit.
    He thought it was a seed until he put on his glasses.
    It turned out it was a dead fly with its legs sticking out in the air.
    The manager came by and said that his meal had to paid by the waiter.
    My dad tipped the waiter the cost of the meal.

    Also my dad would probably be pretty close to not eating any hairs from fast food.
    He now says that his limit at In-n-Out is one cheeseburger once every two months.
    Compare that to some people who eat fast food once or twice a week.

  4. roberto Says:

    This is well known to be one of the hazards of eating out.

  5. Andrew Rowley Says:

    lmfaoooo as the count on Sesame Street would say, that’s 12! 12 pubes!!! ah ah ah ah ahhhhhhh!

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