To each his own

Avocado Coffee Fudge Sundae for Dessert

Anyone ever gone rogue at the dinner table?

I had to share this photo of a guy in Canada’s favorite dessert: an avocado coffee fudge sundae.

If you try this, please let me know what you thought.

Whenever I get a sore throat, I like to drink Coke and orange juice. Yes, mixed together.

My grandad used to put peanut butter on his eggs, I’ve heard tell.

What do you eat? Shock me.


10 Responses to “To each his own”

  1. Fred Bauman Says:

    I used to eat sticks of butter as a kid, and I liked sugar sweetened pureed spinach, the sweeter the better, which made Vivian puke. I also put just ketchup on my hot dogs, no mustard, which Vivian said was unpatriotic.
    happy fourth, fab

  2. gunky Says:

    i like to dip french fries in chocolate shake.
    my aunt eats onion and mayo sandwiches.

    i love the addition of a picture on this page (hint, hint).

  3. Mike Says:

    Tomato and peanut butter sandwiches, open-faced. But then, nothing is really that weird with peanuts. What other food can make both chocolate and beer taste better?

  4. roberto Says:

    The sundae doesn’t seem that unsavory. It seems the ice-cream would overwhelm the avocado, which is a waste of good avocado.

    I have no odd combos of my own to share, but I’ve heard of some.

    There was a pickle flavor beverage.

    Garlic ice cream.

    This weekend I saw on the History Channel that Dolly Madison liked oyster ice cream.

  5. Jeremy A. Says:

    When I was little, I thought it would be a good idea to have a veggie-ice cream.
    It would taste good and it would be healthy also.
    It turns out Broccoli and Ice-cream are not best friends when combined.

    P.S. Can you buy me an avocado coffee fudge sundae?
    I promise I will finish it, whether I like or not.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Peanut butter and ketchup, mixed 50-50. Throw in a little horseradish sauce for spice. I add A1 sometimes instead. Passed down from my grandfather to my Dad to me.

    Funny thing is, this is pretty much the olnly place i use ketchup. Everywhere else ‘normal’ people use ketchup, I use A1 sauce. Burgers, dipping french fries, etc. YUM

  7. Kevin Says:

    forgot to add the PB-ketchup mix goes on Ritz crackers. Saltines in a pinch, but best effect is Ritz.

  8. Jeremy A. Says:

    I was skipping around the channels on TV and Sesame Street was on. (Good old childhood memories…)
    I learned later on the show that Brian Williams was a guest star and the theme was sharing.
    Anyway, the camera turned to Oscar the Grouch and he pulled from his trash can his beloved anchovy ice cream.
    Oscar the Grouch didn’t want to share until Brian Williams stole his ice cream.
    Oscar then asked kindly for Brian to share his ice cream.
    After they both shared Sesame Street lived happily ever after.
    I can not get that scene out of my head, thus I am living miserably ever after until I eat or see a dessert that satisfies my brain.

  9. Rhonda Stanton Says:

    Melanie drank a bottle of ranch dressing once on a dare. She made $80.00. I started to say that girl will do anything for money, but that’s probably not a good thing to say about your daughter.

  10. Dianne Landeros Says:

    As a child and teen, my favorite was liver and chocolate ice cream.

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