My dead pool

I run a dead pool. This is a common game in newsrooms. People pay an entry fee and compile a list of famous people.

From New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve, if someone on the list dies, the player who chose him gets 100 points minus the celebrity’s age.

John is already at 180 points. My cousin Christi is close behind with 146 points, and my very first boyfriend is in third with 123 points. All three of them predicted Jane Goody’s death. She was 27.

I remember the year JFK Jr. died. One reporter had made that canny pick, and got 61 points for it. He was the winner that year.

Now my group is having a hot couple of days. Farrah Fawcett was worth 38 points. Seven of my 13 players had her on their lists.

Jacko netted three other players a surprise 50 points. It’s the deaths that aren’t a sure thing that make the game fun.

And the aw shucks factor: three players had Ed McMahon on last year’s list, but not one kept him.

I run the thing, and have never, in all the years I’ve played, earned a single point.

Oh well. I have other skills.


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5 Responses to “My dead pool”

  1. roberto Says:

    I was hoping you would post a dead Jacko story so that I could vent about how despicable was the man, his fans, friends and others who enabled his ridiculous behavior.

    He joins OJ, and GW Bush in my personal pantheon of unforgiveably loathsome public figures.

  2. Jeremy A. Says:

    If you were born in 1969, how did you remember when JFK die in 1963?

    If I was to play dead pool, I would put everyone´s name (may God forbid they all die).

  3. Mike Says:

    They don’t call you candy pants for nothin’.

  4. T. Says:

    ha ha! good one, mike!
    for those reading my stories in order, mike is alluding to the story called The Candy Lady from July 7.

  5. update on the missing posts « Stories O' Mine Says:

    […] anyone want in on this year’s dead pool? It’s open […]

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