The grocery store story

I love to cook. I plan every week’s menu on Saturday morning and tape it to the refrigerator. Tonight we’re having chicken marsala, watercress and citrus salad, and pecan rice pilaf.

My husband usually comes home, leans against the fridge and says over the crumpling sounds of my menu, “Smells wonderful. What’re we having?”

Then I have to move my complaining bracelet.

He also stands under the calendar and asks if we have any plans today.

There. Now my complaining bracelet is back where it started.

My point is I put work, time and love into nutritious meals for my family, and am proud to make almost everything from scratch. (Please pretend you did not read the post that begins, ‘My son and I were at McDonald’s.’)

Last summer, I got it in my head to teach my son how to make his favorite dish, his being only three years from going off to college. I pulled out the recipe and had him make a grocery list.

We set out to shop.

This happened to be during my husband’s trip to visit his mother in Pennsylvania. My kids and I were whooping it up in his absence. We went to the beach, played board games and watched reruns of “Good Times” in our camping tent, which took up the whole kitchen.

This wild abandon infected our trip to the store. We were throwing all kinds of crap in the cart. There was Chef Boyardee, Ben & Jerry’s, Dino Nuggets and Pasta Roni in there. Whatever. Looks good. Toss it in.

We rounded the corner by the cheese and saw a girl I knew in high school. She was and is a beautiful, popular blonde. She was and is sweet and friendly.

After an enthusiastic round of ‘You look great,’ I introduced her to my kids and headed for the checkout.

My son wrapped his arms around me. “I’m so sorry, Mom. Of all the times….”

Do I look bad? What?

“I tried to block the cart,” he looked genuinely sorry, “but I think she saw the Pasta Roni.”

I hadn’t thought to be embarrassed, but once he’d mentioned it I like to died.

If anyone sees Jill, please make excuses for me.


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One Response to “The grocery store story”

  1. gunky Says:

    reason #712 to NOT live there

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