I am she who laughs last

I got my husband a french press travel mug for Fathers Day.

He hoisted it and my grandfather’s voice echoed in my memory.

Everytime he took his first sip of coffee, he raised the cup in salute and said, “Here’s mud in your yo.”

All my life he said this, and I just got it.


3 Responses to “I am she who laughs last”

  1. Fathers Says:

    […] I am she who laughs last […]

  2. Fred Bauman Says:

    I still don’t understand ‘yo’, ‘splain Lucy! I even looked at French Press coffee mugs on the internet. Clear the mud from your mug, ok?

  3. T. Says:

    OK. ‘Yo’ is Spanish for the first-person, singular pronoun, which in English is ‘I.’
    (‘I’ being a homonym for ‘eye,’ which is the traditional ending to the salute.)
    Essentially, he was saying, ‘Here’s mud in your I.’

    The story continues. At dinner I mentioned to Mom and Nana that I only now got the joke. They floored me by saying they don’t remember his saying ‘Here’s mud in your yo.’
    Every night after dinner I remember this. Maybe he only said it when I was over, and maybe he only said it to me.

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