More dinner talk

My son let his hair grow when he started high school.

One night my son was able to pull it back. He showed up to dinner in a ponytail.

I couldn’t get over how much he looked like my husband did when we married, and told him so.

“Daddy had long hair?”

“Longer than yours is now,” I told him.

“How long was it?”

I gave a glance to my man, who was nodding. I was going for it.

“All the way down to his bra strap.”


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One Response to “More dinner talk”

  1. Mike Says:

    I never knew D was a fellow former long-hair! Sweet. We must exchange pictures…

    A story o’ mine: On my wedding day I let a wacko student of mine cut my hair. He delivered the severed ponytail to my incredulous bride-to-be moments before the ceremony, so that her first words to me at the altar were, “You nerd! You cut your hair!” And all along I’d thought she would be happy. (I did have my hair stylist clean up his butchery, mind you. It was a rookie error to surprise a bride on her wedding day…but I wasn’t COMPLETELY stoopid.)

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