The gay wedding

I’ve been following the news regarding whether a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

I have friends and family members who married that year — in the window of their union’s being sanctioned by the state — and am eager to hear what California will rule on Proposition 8.

That summer my daughter and I attended her choir director’s wedding. There were two grooms.

It was a beautiful ceremony. The church was decorated with white tulle and fresh flowers. One of the choir members — a member of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera — sang a song written by the director’s betrothed.

I was nonplussed. My daughter was looking at the emotion on my face and rolling her eyes. She was clearly plussed.

I tried to play it cool, but it struck me during the hymns and sermon that I was attending a gay wedding, recognized by church and state, while a black man ran for president. Wow.

My daughter elbowed me. “Why are you making such a big deal?” she whispered.

“I’ve never been in a world like this before,” I said dramatically. “This is earth moving.”

Just then the grooms, who had been seated in pews on either side of the aisle, rose simultaneosly to take their vows.

As they stood, we had a small earthquake.

Guests exchanged glances and grave nods.

That was what it took. My daughter crossed over into camp nonplussed.

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One Response to “The gay wedding”

  1. Myles Says:

    Wow. What an amazing coincidence. I wish I could say the same type of thing for myself.

    A Story o’ Mine: (I figured, hey, everyone else is doing it in comments)

    The Redlands Zanja 8 was booked to play at a Jewish wedding in July ’08. It looked like fun, it would be in a beautiful area, and they offered a good wage, too. 2 days before the gig, they called Tina Caldwell, who is our manager, saying “Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you, there are two brides, see you Sunday, kthxbai.” I didn’t tell my parents until afterward. I would have died if they kept me from going.

    So t’was a homosexual Jewish wedding.

    The ceremony was set to be in a section of a Monterey Bay park. It was beautiful. There was a cold, bracing wind coming into the park from the bay view. The sky was dotted with big grey clouds that were so close, you could touch them. Both of the brides seemed to be in their mid 30’s, and their waistlines were moderately big.

    When it came time to break the ceremonial glass, however, one of the ladies stepped on the glass and it would not break. The other lady tried. No luck. This glass was not happy. About 6 minutes later, they finally broke it. I noticed a couple of faces turn as they kissed.


    There was no earthquake. I forgot to put the ‘boring story’ tag at the top. Sorry!

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