My grampa cracked me up

When I was in San Cristobal de las Casas with my grandparents (see yesterday’s story), a little boy in a mariachi get up asked if I would pay him for a song.

He must have been 8 years old. He wore bottle-bottom glasses and carried a ukulele that practically hid him.

He sat next to me on a bench and performed La Bamba.

I had to turn my head so no one could see what a sap I am, getting teary over the sweetness of that little boy in the ridiculous hat.

When he left, Nana tsked, “He played in one key and sang in another.”

Grampa waxed taken-aback, “You think that’s easy?”

link to photos


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2 Responses to “My grampa cracked me up”

  1. gunky Says:

    i’ve been meaning to send you a photo of the latest home for his painting we have. can’t figure out posting it here. he is very popular in my familia . . .

  2. roberto Says:

    That’s a funny one!

    The website I made to show and sell his prints is

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