A sad announcement

Nana died last night.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma a month ago, and it was aggressive. We were with her when she went.

Many of her friends and most of our family came in the past three weeks to say goodbye and tell her how loved she was, which was an extraordinary lot.

She had her mind all the way through, and though she became difficult to understand, was cracking wise and professing love until yesterday, when she was unable to talk at all.

She was a strong spirit and active matriarch of our family until only just. Her absence will be big.

We haven’t got a date for the service yet, but Uncle Rob has set up an e-mail alert system for those who want to be sure to be notified to enter their address at www.albertlanderos.com

2 Responses to “A sad announcement”

  1. Therese and Wendell Says:

    Toni, I was only going to print out a couple page of ‘nana/grampa’ stories.
    After loving every story, I printed out the whole 20 pages so Wendell can take a break from his Sunday crossword and enjoy. My goodness can you paint a picture in words. We still have a mental image of you singing “La Bamba’ as a pied piper with children following you in Mexico.
    You know your ‘grama’ is smiling and loves you dearly.


  2. Sandy Chapman Says:

    My heart goes out to you and all the family at this difficult time. She will be missed very much. Love, Sandy

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