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The last word

January 7, 2010

This is it. The anniversary of my initial post.

I had planned to write one last story, but decided against it.

I’ve told them all.

Starting tomorrow, everything old is new again. New readers will get the juicy stuff I started with, only with the addition of photos.

What a wild life I’ve led.

I leave you with one big regret. My grama has said since I started this blog that she wanted me to write the story of the time her brothers left their jobs and went hunting uranium.

I would have, but I don’t know it.

I never got around to interviewing Junior, the only surviving member of that escapade.

Now Nana is fighting for her life. Tomorrow she will have a biopsy the doctor told us was pointless. She is not strong enough to survive treatment, no matter the results.

I’ve known my whole life I would lose her someday, and continue to wonder how I will get through it. 

I will write the plutonium story, and post it on Stories O’ Mine in lieu of a rerun at some point in the coming months.

While this site will be rerunning my older stories, I will be blogging anew at I’ve always wanted to tattle on bad service, and shout about good service.

Thanks for reading. I watched the numbers. Those clicks brought me a lot of happiness.

Love, from T.